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Embracing corporate responsibility

Despite our business activities being predominantly nationally and internationally oriented, we feel strongly rooted as a medium-sized company based in Berlin / Brandenburg.

The manufacturing of insulating materials by means of compound moulds began over 100 years ago, when Leo H. Baekeland’s patent was approved in Erkner. In addition to this, the laminate factory (SPW) in Bernau was, up until the 90’s, a major employer and manufacturer of electrical insulation materials.

We are driven and motivated not only by our long history in the field of laminate production, but also by the attractive economy in Berlin / Brandenburg.

The tradition of innovation is a core principle of our corporate culture, as it represents the symbiosis of tradition, past experience and modern challenges.

Since the company’s founding, core values such as corporate responsibility and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have always been at the forefront.

For us, corporate responsibility is achievable through transparent and dialogue-oriented conduct. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Therefore, we strive to work responsibly with the environment, the community and our employees.

Responsibility for the society

Our aim is to be recognised as a company in the region that makes its contribution to the social, cultural and sporting life of the region. This "mindset" distinguishes us quite significantly from large, decentrally organized companies.

In addition to obligatory donations for children's festivals in the area, we have long supported the Bernauer Musikfestspiele Siebenklang with 7 extraordinary concerts at 7 extraordinary places in our region.

In addition, we supported the Reconstruction of the mill gate in Bernau. In this manner, we give back a piece of identity to the city and increase the attractiveness of our region as a residential and excursion destination.

Furthermore, we keep our fingers crossed for the young team of SSV Lok Bernau in the 1st Regional League North. The SSV Lok Bernau is one of the most successful basketball clubs in the state of Brandenburg.

We identify with the long-term goal of SSV Lok Bernau to bring young players also from all over Brandenburg to the level of the regional and national league and to promote them systematically. Through the junior, women's and men's teams, the youngsters gain their first experience at the highest level in their own state.

Saving resources - reducing emissions

As a company in the plastics processing industry, we see it as our responsibility to make our contribution to climate protection. We live up to this responsibility in many ways. It ranges from the products and their processing to the functionality and areas of application of our products to development projects in our company that reduce energy requirements. In doing so, we try to respond to the application-specific requirement profiles of our customers with optimal solutions. This means that the best possible material can already be used or modified accordingly through our advice to the customer. No matter if it is special mechanical, electrical or thermal requirements.

We develop and supply sustainable solutions in the field of renewable energies to prevent carbon dioxide emissions in energy production and protect the climate. In addition, the potential of laminates, in combination with other composite materials, is far from exhausted. We are working hard on development projects in the field of lightweight composite construction to save weight while maintaining the same performance and thus avoid CO2 emissions.

Responsibility for our employees

Since the beginning as a two-man company in 1994, we have constantly developed. We owe the basis of our success to the commitment and qualifications of our employees. We strive to offer long-term perspectives, to let employees act and decide on their own responsibility, and to develop a cooperative management style.

Furthermore, we are committed to the compatibility of career and family with flexible working hours and offer further training and education opportunities as well as company supplementary pensions. For more than a decade, we have been providing apprenticeships for industrial clerks as well as for warehouse logistics specialists.