Vision & Strategy

The conviction that our products and solutions help define the strategic future and growth markets is the key to corporate growth and the development of tomorrow.

The realization of this vision is based on the following "4 K" strategy:


Our corporate governance is characterized by continuity and sustainability. We consider our customers and suppliers as reliable partners and strive to ensure the continuity of our collaborative work. Our investment and growth plans are long term. We retain our independence and strive for long-term success, as opposed to short-term profits.


We believe that open and transparent communication is paramount to achieving success and gaining trust. Company objectives, developments and processes are always an integral part of the dialogue.


Serving our customers and meeting their needs is the heart of our daily operations. Our philosophy is that challenges can be seen as opportunities. By overcoming new challenges and meeting the needs of our clients, we are able to continually improve ourselves.

The degree of customer satisfaction determines our continuous improvement process.


To shape the future with solutions that keep in line with market standards, we work with a network of suppliers, customers, experts, scientific research institutions and universities. The result is a mutual exchange of targeted solutions, which optimally utilize the expertise of all contributors.

"As the BK management team, we believe that visions and strategies are feasible only with committed and motivated employees who identify with corporate objectives. Lack of employee "turn-over" has enabled us to have employees with expertise, skill and dedication.

M. Schäfer, Ch. Grünberg
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