Resources – Reducing emissions

As a company in the plastic processing industry, we believe that we have a responsibility to make our contribution to reducing climate change. We meet this goal in many ways, ranging from the processing of our products, to our products’ functionality and applications, to reducing energy consumption in all aspects of our on-site activities.

Our customers come to us with application-specific requirement profiles and it is our goal to provide them with optimal solutions. This means that, by way of our advice, we ensure that the best possible materials will be used and adapted accordingly based on specific mechanical, electrical or thermal requirements.

Thus, we develop and deliver sustainable solutions in the field of renewable energies in order to prevent carbon dioxide emissions from power generation and to protect the climate.

Additionally, the potential of our laminates, in conjunction with other composite materials, is by no means reduced. We are working diligently to develop projects in the field of lightweight composites, which reduce the weight of our materials without sacrificing their performance and, at the same time, reduce CO2 emissions

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