Community responsibility

It is our goal to be recognized as a company that makes a contribution to the social, cultural and sporting endeavours in our region. This philosophy sets us apart from large, decentralized companies.

In addition to donating to regional children's charities, we have been long standing supporters Bernauer Music Festival and sponsor seven exceptional concerts that take place in seven extraordinary places, all which are located within our region.

We also support the reconstruction of the historic Bernau Mill. We want to give the city a piece of identity back and increase our region’s attractiveness as a residential and tourist destination.

Moreover, we are proud supporters of the young SSV Lok Bernau team in the 1. Regionalliga Nord. The SSV Lok Bernau is one of the most successful basketball sports clubs in Brandenburg. We believe in SSV Lok Bernau’s long-term goal of helping young players from Brandenburg reach regional and national levels through providing targeted support. We want to ensure that the youth from our region get to experience the highest level of sports right here in their home state.

Bernauer Musikfestspiele Siebenklang
SSV Lok Bernau

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