Embracing corporate responsibility

Despite our business activities being predominantly nationally and internationally oriented, we feel strongly rooted as a medium-sized company based in Berlin / Brandenburg.

The manufacturing of insulating materials by means of compound moulds began over 100 years ago, when Leo H. Baekeland’s patent was approved in Erkner. In addition to this, the laminate factory (SPW) in Bernau was, up until the 90’s, a major employer and manufacturer of electrical insulation materials.

We are driven and motivated not only by our long history in the field of laminate production, but also by the attractive economy in Berlin / Brandenburg.

The tradition of innovation is a core principle of our corporate culture, as it represents the symbiosis of tradition, past experience and modern challenges.

Since the company’s founding, core values such as corporate responsibility and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have always been at the forefront.

For us, corporate responsibility is achievable through transparent and dialogue-oriented conduct. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Therefore, we strive to work responsibly with the environment, the community and our employees.

Learn more about our commitment to the following areas:

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