Decorative laminate applications

Intense color patterns and expressive surfaces can provise buildings or facades with character, distinction and thereby draw positive attention.

By combining colour-rich decors with pressed structures and gloss levels, we are able to create interesting and impressive optical effects. .

The infused core papers are compressed together with melamine-infused decorative paper under high pressure and temperature to form homogeneous plates.

This results in a laminate with high thermal and mechanical durability, which can be further characterized by its light resistance, fire performance and longevity.

Thus BK - compact laminates are the end result of an impressive combination of functionality, design and quality and have become a trend in creative facades; surface finishes as well as in applications for sports and leisure activities.

Additionally, the individual design options are limitless due our modern screen-printing and digital printing processes. Your high-resolution originals are digitally printed with UV-resistant ink. The end result is your very own unique BK compact laminate.


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