BK - Bowl

Double sided melamine resin laminated paper with corundum wear-resistant finish. Marking is available upon request. We are able to produce markings for the approach, the lanes and the pin deck, in accordance with your specifications. By means of spacers we are able to adjust the lane to fit all spatial conditions. End caps are available upon request. Factory-finished products are deliverable.

Datasheet available upon request.

BK - Wall

BK Sanitation and partition walls for interior spaces
This compact laminate is ideal for rooms with high humidity or high water vapour content due to its low moisture absorption. It is also characterized by its longevity and minimal maintenance costs. Preferred dimensions for this application are 10.0 to 13.0 mm (thick) by 2800 mm x 2040 mm for sidewalls and for doors.

BK Change room cabins
Compact laminate that allows for an ideal, visual and functional flow of movement through social rooms, dressing rooms, locker cabinets, etc. The robustness of the material, combined with its easy care and cleaning enables this product to meet the highest hygiene requirements.


  • High level of resistance against different mediums
  • Comes in different decors
  • Easy to clean


  • Lockers and sanitary partitions for:
    • Swimming pools, spas, saunas
    • Gymnasiums, fitness centres, leisure and recreation centres
    • Hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, doctors' offices
    • Schools, kindergartens
    • Agencies, airports, fire stations

Factsheet available upon request.


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